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A Brief History of Liberalism from Alberta's Point of View

Background of Liberalism Liberalism is not only a political movement but also a moral/ethical and socio-economic concept. The definition of liberalism varies from country to country but at its core, the characteristics that define liberalism are equality, rule of law, liberty and individual rights. Two dominant branches of liberalism are classical and modern liberalism. Classical liberalism emphasizes individual rights, limited government and free-market capitalism. Modern liberalism also known as social liberalism stresses the need for a regulated market-orientated economy while expanding civil and political rights. Liberalism in Eastern Canada Historically speaking liberalism in Canada has had two phases. Up until the 1950s liberal politicians were mostly liberals in the classical sense. A shift towards social liberalism started to take place when Lester B. Pearson became prime minister. Politicians and society at large started to address Canada's legacy issues. This shift toward